About Cehat

CEHAT (Centre for Enquiry Into Health and Allied Themes) is the research centre of Anusandhan Trust. We are involved in research, training, service and advocacy on health and allied themes.


Our Aim

Socially relevant and rigorous academic health research and health action at CEHAT is for the well being of the disadvantaged masses, for strengthening people's health movements and for realising right to health and health care. CEHAT acts as an interface between progressive people's movements and academia.


Our Strategies

  • Undertake socially relevant research and advocacy projects on various socio-political aspects of health.
  • Establish direct services and programmes to demonstrate how health services can be made accessible, equitably and ethically.
  • Disseminate information through databases and relevant publications

Our Social Responsibility

As a principle, we do not regard society as an object of experimentation and data collection merely for intellectual gratification. All efforts in CEHAT endeavour to create space for the participation of people without compromising on academic rigour. Our ethical guidelines for research are structured around informed consent; confidentiality and relaying information back to relevant segments of society. Projects are reviewed for their ethical content by an Institutional Ethics Committee, a body consisting of 5 external and 3 internal members.

A Social Accountability Group, comprising individuals other than the CEHAT team and Anusandhan Trust members, periodically evaluates our functioning as an institution.


Our Functioning

We are a multi disciplinary team with training and experience in Medicine, Life Sciences, Economics, Social Sciences, Social Work, Journalism, Library & Information, Science and Law. We have a democratic and participatory mode of decision-making. While trustees of the Anusandhan Trust constitute the Governing Board, the Working Group elected by the staff members directs the day-to-day functioning of CEHAT. The Coordinator and the Jt. Coordinator are appointed by the Trust and are ex-officio members of the Working Group. The Programme Development Committee is responsible for the review of CEHAT's work.It consists of external experts and internal staff members from the organsiation.