Library Services

Information and Reference Services

We offer Information and Reference services in order to meet the information needs of a variety of different patrons, whether they are a staff member, or the general public. We can help them to locate materials in our collections or at other libraries. By use of reference books, indexes, databases and assist them in formulating effective search strategies to streamline their research.




Library provides WebOPAC service for the users. WebOPAC have provision of Boolean operators. While searching library collection using OPAC, we can use operators like AND, OR, NOT and make our query more specific. It also has Author, title, publisher, etc. searches. WebOPAC also provide facilities like personalized onscreen display, save options, etc.


Newspaper Clippings

Selected Newspaper Clippings where CEHAT work is highlighted on various topics like Public Health, Health care , Aids Awareness, Health Legislation, Patient's rights, Women's Health, Violence, Sexual Violence etc are clipped from the subscribed newspapers & online available Newspapers are maintained in files & also available in soft copies. These are arranged Subjecwise and Date-wise for referencing. Newspaper Clippings


Document Delivery Services

Document Delivery Service basically refers to the supply of photocopy of our organizational repositories against a request from a user either through the librarian, research staff or from the users directly. The users can send their request either by post, E-Mail or telephone. On the basis of users request the library willcharge a nominal rate for handling the service which includes the photocopying and postage cost. Library also provide documentary delivery service as per request for screening.


New Arrivals of Books - (Click here for recent additions in the library)

Recent additions of books are displayed for reference in the new arrivals section for 15 days and then added to the book collection.




Reprographic Services

The Library provides photocopying service for the library users. Photo Coping facility is available with a minimal charge of Rs.1/- per page.



Email Alert

Library update its users through email alert service. It covers Online news on specific subjects, books on approval list, conference alert, etc.


Fulltext articles on specific subjects are downloaded and given access to internal staff. This service is available for outside users too but they have to contact Library Unit.

Books on Approval

New book under various social science topics are bought on approval basis from book publishers and displayed in the library. These are kept in the library for a period of 15 days internal staff are required to go through the book and suggest for purchase to the librarian. Alongwith that a list too is circulated to the staff.


This e-bulletin is a quarterly bulletin which updates information related to Health services & Financing, Health Legislation & Patients’ Rights, Women’s Health & Human Rights on the broad themes which CEHAT works.

It also provides updates about the new services those are introduced in the CEHAT Library and Documentation Unit. eBulletin Issues