One of the core strategies of the organisation is to disseminate information through databases and relevant publications. The finding of the research conducted by CEHAT should reach out to people’s movement, policy makers and also for policy implementation. The publications are outcome of CEHAT's own research projects which have focused on relevant research and has endeavoured to inform campaigns around social issues. They are in the form of books, research reports, manuals, posters and resource materials. CEHAT is using APA standard referencing style for the publications.

Current Publications


Healthcare providers sensitised on violence against women

Author(s) : P., Suraksha

Deccan Herald

Breaking the mould: Redefining gender in medical education in India

Author(s) : Shrivastava, Surabhi; Rege, Sangeeta

Research & Humanities in Medical Education (RHIME), 8, March 2021, pp. 25-28

What Rape Survivors Want? Change In Mindsets & Accountability

Author(s) : Bhate-Deosthali, Padma; Rege, Sangeeta; Arora, Sanjida

Marathi and Hindi Publications