Establishing Dilaasa: Documenting the Challenges

Authors : Deosthali, Padma; Maghnani, Purnima; Malik, Seema

Published Year: 2005

Mumbai: CEHAT, vi,43 p., 2005.

Dilaasa is the first hospital-based crisis centre in India for women survivors of domestic violence. It provides social and psychological support to women facing domestic violence. This publication is an effort made towards documenting various challenges posing Dilaasa while it was being established. The chapters such as Dilaasa's Model of Collaboration, Formative Period, Counselling Model and Strategies, Training Model and Strategies and Lessons Learnt and Recommendations consist of detailed information of Dilaasa's development. These experiences are of immense importance to those who want to set up similar centres for victims of domestic violence. Download full report

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