Identities in Motion: Migration and Health in India: Background Paper Series 3.

Authors : Chatterjee, Chandrima, B.

Published Year: 2006

Mumbai: CEHAT, viii, 41 p., October 2006. [ISBN 81-89042-40-8]

This paper addresses the issue of migration and its public health implications within the human rights framework. Migrants have always been conceptualized as problematic in the context of policies both nationally and internationally. This mindset has led to complex public health issues posed by migration. Understanding migrants' health extends to capturing the underlying determinants including adequate nutrition, housing, healthy environment, and occupational conditions, access to health related education and information as well as access to health care and education. Healthcare of migrants has suffered due to the presence of divergent models of how and when nations are responsible for the health and safety of individuals. The most important factor that separates the rights from being realized is the gross underestimation of migrants both at origin and destination. Download full report

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