Comprehensive health sector response to sexual assault does the Delhi high court judgment pave the way? : Working paper no.1

Authors : Rege, Sangeeta; Sana Contractor; Deosthali, Padma; Malik, Seema; Jagadish, N.

Published Year: 2010

Mumbai: CEHAT, 16 p., 2010 [ISBN: 978-81-89042-50-9]

This first paper in the CEHAT Working Papers series draws from its collective action research experience over the years in addressing the issue of sexual assault. The Paper presents its reasoned conviction on the importance of a multi-sectoral approach to the issue particularly in the context of the Delhi High Court mandate on the responsibilities of the many agencies involved in dealing with incidents of sexual assault. Even as it underlines the fact that only such an approach can make for a humane and effective response to cases of sexual assault, it makes a case for further research on the modalities of expanding the scope of the judicial mandate. Download full report

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