National conference report: Emerging Health Care Models: Engaging the Private Health Sector, 25th – 26th September 2009 YMCA

Authors : Barai - Jaitly, Tejal

Published Year: 2010

Mumbai: CEHAT, vi,42 p., 2010

The national conference organised by CEHAT in September 2009 was an attempt to create a forum for debate on PPPs based on evidence from the ground. With 70 participants at the conference that comprised of research scholars, health activists and government officials, the discussion was indeed useful. The papers highlighted various problems with PPPs from lack of conceptual clarity on the issue to state governments jumping into PPPs without any strategic planning or feasibility study. One of the most critical issues that came up was lumping of for profit and not for-profit organisations as the private sector as the values and modes of operation are very different for this. Download full report

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