Mapping the flow of user fees in a public hospital

Authors : Raymus, Prashant; Kurian, Oommen C; Suchitra Wagle

Published Year: 2011

Mumbai: CEHAT, 82 p., 2011 [ISBN : 978-81-89042-58-5]

The Maharashtra state government introduced user fees in hospitals in the nineteen eighties, and the scope and scale has been steadily increasing. In 2001, there was a substantial increase in the average user fee paid per patient at government facilities in Maharashtra). Recently, there have been proposals to increase substantially the fees charged for medical services at civic hospitals in Mumbai and also a decision to hike user fees across the state. This study was aimed at mapping the flow of user fees in a public hospital located in Mumbai. It also aimed to understand the provider's role in the process of giving waivers from user fees to the patients, and also, reimbursement of fees from Poor Box Funds to the 'needy'. Download full report

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