Feminist Counselling and Domestic Violence in India

Authors : Bhate-Deosthali, Padma; Rege, Sangeeta; Prakash, Padma

Published Year: 2013

New Delhi: Routledge, xxii, 330 p., India, April 2013, (ISBN : 978-0-415-83206-9)

This volume offers one of the first systematic documentations of feminist psychosocial interventions in India. It situates the issue of domestic violence in the historical context of the women’s movement, and examines institutional factors such as family and marriage that perpetuate abuse. Using extensive case studies, it discusses the methods, principles, techniques, skills and procedures followed by feminist organisations across the country, and their role in women’s empowerment.

The book will serve as a practical reference guide to practitioners such as social workers, counsellors and para-counsellors, health activists, grassroots workers, protection officers and service providers. It will also be useful to scholars and students of psychology, sociology, women’s studies, law and public policy. For More Details see

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