Government Funded Health Insurance Scheme in Maharashtra: Study of Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana

Authors : Wagle, Suchitra; Shah, Nehal

Published Year: 2017

Mumbai: CEHAT, xix, 135 p., 2017, ISBN: 978-81- 89042-73- 8

The government of Maharashtra launched the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana’ (RGJAY) on 2nd July 2012 to enable access to quality medical care for specialty services specially the ones requiring hospitalization. The scheme was rolled out to provide access to health care for vulnerable populations both the BPL and APL populations without any age restrictions. The scheme provides coverage up to INR one lakh fifty thousand per family per year. About 971 medical procedures were covered under empanelled hospitals in 2014. A unique feature of the scheme was that it covered pre-existing medical conditions from the first day.
CEHAT carried out a study to gain an understanding on the functioning of the schemes, its advantages and limitations. The study provides analysis of various aspects of the scheme including the process of hospital empanelment, the bottlenecks and barriers while accessing the scheme vis-a- vis government guidelines.

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