Satyamev Jayate Season 2 - Fighting Rape - Healing touch?

Authors : Satyamev Jayate

Published Year: 2014

Doctors play a crucial role in the physical and psychological recovery of survivors of rape. Soon after an assault, when survivors visit the hospital, they face disbelief and insensitivity. Irrelevant and unscientific procedures like the two-finger test are used to determine their 'habituation to sex', which clearly shows the biased nature of the medical examination. To correct this, NGO CEHAT developed a gender-sensitive protocol for the medical examination of survivors of rape.

In this segment, CEHAT's Sangeeta Rege speaks about why it was needed. Along with Rege is Dr Nikhil Datar who says that the protocol has helped to change the mindset of doctors; they now see the medical examination and collection of forensic evidence as an important step in the survivor's journey towards justice.

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