Research Project

Status of Women’s Prisoners in Maharashtra

Research Area : Violence and Health

Women prisoners belong to one of the most vulnerable sections of society and the findings of this study can have far reaching implications. This study was conducted to understand the nature and types of morbidities reported by female prisoners and treatment and hospitalisation facilities available for these morbidities. The study was conducted in the prisoners of Maharashtra. Data collection was carried out in eight District and Central prisons which house women prisoners. A total of 390 women prisoners were interviewed in addition to that prison personnel, doctors based in prisons and NGOs working with prisoners were interviewed. The study has assessed whether the prisons comply with the standards proposed by the prison manual, with regard to physical infrastructure, medical facilities, food and nutrition and water and sanitation facilities. It has found the services available to be inadequate on every count. The study has also documented the extent of morbidity, particularly reproductive morbidity as well as mental distress among women prisoners. Report of the Study has been submitted to the National Commission for Women, but has not been approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee for publication.

Team: Leni Chaudhari, Reena Mary George, Sana Contractor, Anita Jain, Tayyaba Shaikh, Zamrooda Khanday

Project Publications