Research Project

To Assess the Impact of a Counseling Intervention for Pregnant Women facing Domestic Violence

Research Area : Violence and Health

This is an intervention based research study supported by MacArthur foundation. This study aims to assess the effectiveness of a counselling intervention for women facing abuse in Ante Natal Checkup (ANC) setting. This project is based on the emerging evidence of high prevalence of violence during pregnancy and intersection of violence with adverse health outcomes. To achieve the objective, the project is using an evaluative research design. In this study, pregnant women who came to two public hospitals of Mumbai for their antenatal care check-up were screened for violence with a standardized instrument. The women who reported experiences of any form of domestic violence were provided with counselling and support services. These women were asked a series of questions about mental health, safety behaviours, self-efficacy and their experiences of violence. They received sessions of "empowerment counselling" addressing domestic violence and safety planning, as well as other information on various available services. All women are being followed up till 6 weeks of pregnancy to see the impact of the counselling and other support services on their health, safety behaviours and the coping mechanisms adopted.

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Sanjida Arora (Research Officer)

Ms. Sujata Ayarkar (Senior Research Associate)

Ms. Rajeeta Chavan (Research Associate)


Dilaasa Team: Ms. Chitra Joshi (Dilaasa in-charge)

Ms. Mrudula Sawant (Counsellor)


Supported by: MacArthur foundation

Project Publications