Research Project

Dilaasa Replication in 11 Peripheral Hospitals of Mumbai

Research Area : Violence and Health

The main aim of this project is for comprehensive health care response to the survivors of violence and to set up Dilaasa centres in 11 peripheral hospitals of Mumbai under the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) from 2016. CEHAT provides technical support to all the Dilaasa centres in the form of monitoring the quality of counselling, assisting with training and orientation workshops and gives input to the counsellors and health care providers, from time to time. The team also checks if hospitals are following national protocols for examination of survivor of sexual violence. CEHAT also facilitates in-depth training of healthcare providers through a training of trainers programme covering concept-building on the issue of violence against women and children, understanding VAW as a health issue, role of healthcare providers and responding to survivors in a sensitive and comprehensive manner.

CEHAT team is providing support by visiting to the Dilaasa centres to observe cases, documentation of cases handled by counselor, demonstration of counselling session, to assist in training of HCPs organized by trained doctors (TOT members).


CEHAT Team: Ms. Sujata Ayarkar (Senior Research Associate)


Dilaasa Team: Ms. Chitra Joshi (Dilaasa in-charge)

Ms. Mrudula Sawant (Counsellor)


Supported by: Direct Action for Women Now (DAWN)

Project Publications