Research Project

Study to understand the Impact of rape on survivors and families

Research Area : Violence and Health

CEHAT set up a model for health sector response to rape in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai in 2008. This has been operational in three public hospitals in Mumbai. From 2008 to 2014, 720 survivors have been provided support which includes gender sensitive medico-legal care and crisis intervention to survivors. Through its work with three public hospitals, CEHAT has been providing medico-legal and crisis interventions services to rape survivors coming to the three hospitals. The medico-legal papers and the counsellors records have been analyzed to understand the profile of survivors, the nature of assault, the health consequences, circumstances around the assault, activities undertaken after the assault.

Taking this work forward CEHAT has taken up a unique project to understand the impact that rape has on survivors and their families. The project seeks to understand and document the interface of rape survivors with formal agencies such as the health, police, courts, lawyers and informal such as family (immediate and extended), community, and also explore perceived enabling factors and barriers/ obstacles through the entire pathways since the disclosure of sexual violence. It also intends to enquire into the impact of rape on the survivor’s different aspects of life such as physical and mental health, work, relationships, education and housing/ shelter. 



Sangeeta Rege (Coordinator)

Padma Bhate-Deosthali (Co-Principle Investigator)

Sujata Ayarkar (Senior Research Associate)

Anupriya Singh (Research Associate)

Rajeeta Chavan (Research Associate)


Dilaasa Team: Ms. Chitra Joshi (Dilaasa in-charge)


Supported by: Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives (APPI)

Project Publications