Research Project

Study on Violence Against Resident Doctors in Maharashtra

Research Area : Health Services and Financing

Studies conducted globally have revealed the phenomenon of violence being inflicted on doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. Studies have indicated that the factors leading up to this violence can be organizational, societal or individual; relatives of patients were most commonly found to be the perpetrators. Violence against healthcare providers impacts their physical and psychosocial health adversely; some studies even indicate signs of post traumatic stress disorders in doctors who had faced violence.

Resident doctors form the backbone of the Indian public health system. Of late, there have been numerous cases of attacks on resident doctors in Maharashtra perpetuated mainly by caregivers of the patient, and the issue has gained national Importance. CEHAT, in collaboration with KEM hospital and the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD), has initiated a study which explores resident doctors’ perceptions of violence. The study uses the quantitative approach, and shall collect data using an online survey questionnaire. The study has been cleared by the IEC committee of CEHAT as well as KEM.

The survey comprises of questions for doctors who have not only faced violence, but also those who have witnessed violence or have neither faced nor witnessed violence, but have an opinion to share. The survey seeks information not only on perceptions of violence, but also on recommendations which resident doctors feel shall improve and make safer their working conditions.

Tejal Jaitly-Barai
Durga Velnekar (Research Associate)
Supported by: Ford Foundation


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