Research Project

Building evidence on health needs of adolescents and young women

Research Area : Violence and Health

The project aims at collaborating with civil society organizations and networks and develop a research agenda to identify key concerns of young women and adolescents reporting violence

The focus thus will be on generating easy to read materials on emerging areas of concerns while working in the area of VAW (adolescents and sexuality, runaway marriages in young girls, mandatory reporting and its impact on sexually active adolescents, attempted suicides in young women etc).

CEHAT has identified three partner organisations to collaborate on the development of research agenda. AALI in Uttar Pradesh, STREEMUKTI SHANGHATANA in Maharashtra and JANSAHAS in Madhya Pradesh.



Sanjida Arora (Research Officer)

Prachi Avalaskar (Sr. Research Associate)

Rajeeta Chavan (Research Associate)

Durga Vernekar (Research Associate)


Supported by:

American Jewish World Service.

Project Publications