Research Areas

Health Legislation and Patients' Rights


Free Medical Care to the Poor: The Case of State Aided Charitable Hospitals in Mumbai

Author(s): Kurian, Oommen C; David Siddarth | Published Year: 2013

Mumbai: CEHAT, xiii, 94 p., 2013 [ISBN : 978-81-89042-64-6]

Healthcare in the Private Sector: A Study of Private Hospitals in Maharashtra

Author(s): Ritu Khatri; Bhate-Deosthali, Padma | Published Year: 2011

Mumbai: CEHAT, xv,136 p., 2011 [ISBN: 978-81-89042-54-7]

Health and Human Rights Readers

Author(s): Schuftan, Claudio | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, viii,111 p., September 2003 [ISBN 81-89042-17-3]

Right to health care: Moving from idea to reality

Author(s): CEHAT; NCAS; GHC | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, GHC, NCAS, 2003, 119 p.

Ethical Guidelines for Social Science Research in Health

Author(s): Jesani, Amar; Barai, Tejal | Published Year: 2000

Mumbai: CEHAT, 35 p., November 2000 [ISBN 81-89042-27-0]

Accreditation of Hospital: Breaking Boundaries in Health Care

Author(s): Nandraj, Sunil; Khot, Anagha; Menon, Sumita | Published Year: 1999

Mumbai: CEHAT, 132 p., January 1999 [ISBN 81-89042-02-5]

Medical Ethics: For Self-Regulation of Medical Profession and Practice

Author(s): Jesani, Amar; Iyer, Aditi | Published Year: 1999

Mumbai: CEHAT, 41 p., October 1999 (also published as a book by VHAI)

Rehabilitation, Eradication, Both or None?

Author(s): D'Souza, Dilip | Published Year: 1998

Mumbai: CEHAT, 48 p., February 1998

Physical Standards in the Private Health Sector: A Case Study of Rural Maharashtra

Author(s): Nandraj, Sunil; Duggal, Ravi | Published Year: 1997

100 p., December 1997.

Market Medicine and Malpractice

Author(s): Jesani, Amar; Prakash, Padma; Singhi, P. C. | Published Year: 1997

Mumbai: CEHAT and Society for Public Health Awareness and Action, 175 p., 1997 [ISBN 81-89042-00-9]

Laws and Health Care Providers

Author(s): Jesani, Amar | Published Year: 1996

Mumbai: CEHAT, 135 p., January 1996