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National Course on Comprehensive Healthcare Response to Survivors of Sexual Assault

About the Course

Sexual violence is known to have significant negative impact on physical and psychological health of survivors. Survivors often seek medical assistance at a health facility. Comprehensive, gender-sensitive healthcare is essential to aid survivor’s recovery. Healthcare providers are also expected to document and collect evidence regarding the assault, which is crucial for prosecution. Additionally, the health sector can act as an important referral point for other services that the survivor may need, such as social welfare and legal aid. Healthcare providers thus have a crucial role in responding to survivors of sexual assault. The WHO recommends standard guidelines for providing comprehensive medico-legal care and support to survivors.

Course Objectives

This course will equip healthcare providers with an understanding of:

  • Sexual assault as a public health issue and their role in responding to survivors
  • Laws related to sexual assault and international guidelines
  • Principles of informed consent, medico-legal documentation, examination and evidence collection
  • Formulation of medical opinion, and deposition in court as a medical expert
  • Standard operating procedures for designing a comprehensive health sector response